Week ending Friday, November 21st

I’ve made a script that will return the top ten power levels along with their respective frequencies from the rtl_power output.  It takes less than a second to run, according to the creator’s website the rtl_power utility cannot run faster than once every second.  Since the script runs faster than the rtl_power can complete its next scan it could be used while the next scan is being run without slowing down how fast the scans can be run.

I found available images for both raspberry pi and something called BeagleBone black that already have all the gnuradio and rtl-sdr stuff installed on them.  Links: http://www.kd0cq.com/2014/08/packed-full-beaglebone-black-img-file-rtl-sdr-gnuradio-gqrx-lots-more-on-ubuntu-14-04/ and http://garethhayes.net/gnu-radio-for-raspberry-pi/ .  Both creators say that the rtl-sdr and gnuradio tools I’d need are already installed on their images and that 8gb SD cards are necessary.

For antennas: I realized the USRP antennas are intended for use in the GSM frequency ranges.  With a SMA female to MCX male adapter like this one, http://www.amazon.com/coaxial-cable-assembly-female-right/dp/B00CP17WMG , it could be used with the RTL-SDR.  I could still try to build my own antenna; I’d need some copper wire and a coax cable, but I doubt I’d make a better one than the one that the USRP was working with.

I also tried to learn more FFT stuff.  I don’t think I really understand it yet so I’ll keep looking.


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